Featured Hair Of The Week: Burmese Natural Curly

It’s almost SUMMER!!! Curly hair is going to be the trend for all the beautiful ladies switching up their look!

We love the versatility of our Burmese Natural Curly Extensions. It can be worn in so many ways.

Some ladies like to “wash and go” with this hair and wear it big! The curls can also be “puffed out” a little using a comb and it can be worn almost like a curly puff (this of course is based on the lengths used).

Some ladies use curling products and gels to define their curls and they look so exotic! With the right product you can keep your curls looking wet all day!

If you are looking for a curly look for the hot days ahead, be sure to check out our Burmese Natural Curly. If you have relaxed hair, no worries, we have matching closures and frontals available too ☺