Should I wash my bundles before installing?

Should I wash my bundles before installing?

Well, to be honest… It’s recommended. However there are some bundles/types of hair that does require washing before installing. I’ll break it down below for you for each of the hair types we carry:

Russian Natural Straight: Washing is not required.

Peruvian Body Wave: Washing is not required; however some persons don’t like how it looks when it’s first installed and they would prefer the very “loose” wave look it has once its washed.

Brazilian Natural Wave: We recommend washing the bundles because the new bundles seem to be a little “curly” when first installed. Well actually, lengths 12” – 18” are okay and the waves aren’t too big. However, longer lengths, especially 22” and up seem to look very “big” when the wefts are opened up. Also, with longer lengths, the hairs are a little harder to open up because of the downward spiral curl of the hair. Longer hair means more spirals.

Malaysian Loose Wave: Same rules apply as the Brazilian Natural Wave.

Indian Tight Wave: We recommend washing these bundles before installing. When here is curlier, it is easier to manage when wet. We recommend washing and opening up the wefts while the hair is wet. It’s a lot easier to deal with. Trying to open up curly bundles while they are dry is hard and tangling usually occurs at the ends of the hairs.

Burmese Natural Curly: Highly recommended to wash before installing. Refer to points from Indian Tight Wave. The curlier the hair, the more important it is that you wash it before installing.

Eurasian Kinky Curly: OF COURSE its recommended to wash before installing. Refer to Indian Tight Wave and Burmese Natural Curly notes.